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Waving Hands!!! The ABCs of Deaf Role Models in America DVD/Book

Written by Adonia K. Smith

Illustrated by Heather (Hex) Lightfoot Withrow

Video directed by James R. DeBee

Signed in American Sign Language by Youth Signers

Waving Hands!!! The ABCs of Deaf Role Models in America, a DVD and XX-page book companion, features some of America’s most accomplished Deaf individuals. They are portrayed in their places under the American alphabet from A to Z. Readers of all ages will be inspired by the 42 individuals and 3 animals mentioned in this DVD/book, just to name a few: William E. “Dummy” Hoy, Laurene Simms, Robert Davila, Heidi Zimmer, Chuck Baird, Poorna Kushalnagar, and Patsy Ann (dog). Waving Hands!!! serves as a valuable historical account of individuals' accomplishments that are etched in Deaf history.
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